Check 22 Carat Gold Prices Today In India On June 27

Gold Prices Falls down Again In India Check Price In Your Location On June 25

Gold Prices Falls down Again In India Check Price In Your Location On June 25Today’s Gold Prices in India: Several places in India sold gold for less than Rs 60,000 on June 27. Ten grammes of 24-karat gold will cost you Rs 59,180. Rs 54,350 is the price for the same amount of 22-karat gold. Silver, on the other hand, costs Rs 70,900 per kilogramme. If the prices change during the day, this post will be updated.

The retail price of gold in Delhi, Mumbai, and other Indian cities on June 27. At Rs 54,400, the price of gold in Ahmedabad is the highest in the country (22 carat). At the moment, 10 grammes of 24 karat gold costs Rs 59,330 in the city.

In Chennai, 10 grammes of 22-karat gold cost Rs 54,700. In Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, 10 grammes of 24-karat gold costs Rs 59,670. Both kinds of gold are priced the same in Coimbatore. In Noida, one gramme of 22-karat gold costs Rs 54,500. For 10 grammes of 24 carat gold, customers must pay Rs 59,430.

On June 27, the price of gold futures with an end date of August 4, 2023 on the Multi Commodities Exchange was Rs. 58,515. On the other hand, silver was bought for Rs 69,469 and will be worthless on July 5.

Gold prices could be affected by the following:

Demand and supply: The demand and supply of gold on the market have a big effect on the price of gold. The interest rate will go up if the price of gold goes up. But the rate will go down if the amount of gold goes up. Gold prices are also affected by how the world economy is doing. For example, if the world economy is in trouble, investors might look for safety in gold, which would drive up its price.

Unrest in the government: Unrest in the government could have an effect on gold prices. For example, if a large country has a political crisis, investors may buy gold as a way to protect themselves from uncertainty, which drives up the price of gold.