Five Vande Bharat trains are started by Modi!

Five Vande Bharat trains are started by Modi

The prime minister opened up five Vande Bharat trains at the Rani Kamlapati Railway Station in Bhopal. The Prime Minister’s trip to the Madhya Pradesh district of Shahdol on Tuesday has been cancelled because it is supposed to rain a lot on that day. During the Prime Minister’s trip to Bhopal, the Vande Bharat trains were opened in person and online, and on Tuesday, he spoke at a BJP meeting at the booth level.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go to the state of Madhya Pradesh. He will be there all day. At that time, he would hold a public ceremony at the Rani Kamalapati Train Station in Bhopal to start five Vande Bharat Expresses. The Prime Minister’s Office says that PM Modi will also take part in a public event in Shahdol to honour Rani Durgavati, launch the Sickle Cell Anaemia Eradication Initiative, and start giving out Ayushman cards (PMO).

Mumbai-Madgaon (Goa) (Goa) It will be the first train of this kind in Goa and the sixth in Maharashtra. It will go from the Madgaon station in Goa to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal in Mumbai. Compared to the fastest train route between the two places, it will save about an hour of travel time.  Modi is on his way to Rani Kamalapati train station right now. From there, he will officially start a set of five Vande Bharat Express trains that will connect important cities across the country both online and in person.

Never before have so many Vande Bharat trains started on the same day. As the Assembly elections for the state are expected to happen before the end of the year, two of these trains will only go to Madhya Pradesh.