King Nagarjuna Finally Agree His Upcoming Film


Nagarjuna-Brahmastra-first-lookKing Nagarjuna has played many different roles in previous films in the past. Still, the problem with experiments is that they fail more often than they succeed. The Ghost and Wild Dog, two of Nagarjuna’s other films, had the same problem. Even though the look of the movie was very appealing and the trailers and teasers were pretty good, the movie itself was, to put it nicely, not very good.

After the success of The Ghost, Nagarjuna seems to have taken a long break. He has been taking a break from work for a few months. He agreed to work on his next movie in the end. Nagarjuna and an OTT platform are also talking about making a web series. Sources say that Nagarjuna has given his blessing to Ajay Bhupathi’s script for the RX100 movie.

A formal statement is expected to be made soon. Before, an idea for an actor named Nagarjuna and a writer named Prasanna Kumar to work together was almost confirmed but was eventually scrapped. A filmmaker named Ajay Bhupathi also failed with his most recent movie, Maha Samudram, but he is determined to do better with his next movie. He is waiting for his rural thriller Mangalavaaram to come out.

Let’s hope that Nagarjuna’s comeback goes well and that he gets back to the top of the rankings.