Did Thamannah make the wrong choice?

On OTT, Tamannaah’s typical day-to-day activities have been altered. When she appeared in films that were screened in movie theatres, she was a completely different person. She’s been showing a lot of guts and ferocity as of late. A new trailer for Tamannaah’s next original series on Netflix, Lust Stories 2, was just released recently.

In the ┬átrailer, Tamannaah can be heard saying, “This is a family narrative.” There is love, passion, emotion, and action. They are all interconnected. It’s possible that nobody will be able to see it. What, if anything, could possibly go wrong? Everyone in the household will have a good time if they go there.

After seeing the contents of the teaser and trailer for the programme, a number of individuals have taken issue with Tamannaah’s promotion of Lust Tales as a show that is suitable for the entire family.

I have no clue where you got such an odd concept of a family movie, but people in Indian families don’t often watch that type of stuff. An amused user of the internet suggested that producers should avoid include obscene or kissing sequences in films that are intended for families to watch together.

Another person who uses the internet said with laughter, “No one cares about the plot in your movie.” They only watch when there is anything sexual going place. Put a stop to your boasting about how welcoming it is to families. It would seem that nobody is concerned.

It’s likely that Tamannaah’s concept for an erotic family movie has been met with backlash on social media, but the fact that it’s garnering attention means that more people will see Lust Stories, a Netflix original film that has a sexual undercurrent and will be available to stream on June 29.