Kanguva is here to represent DSP

Kanguva is here to represent DSP.

Kanguva is here to represent DSP.Devi Sri Prasad has a lot of fans and is known for making music that is popular with a wide range of people. On the other hand, his songs for ordinary commercial movies have been getting a lot of criticism lately. People said that DSP only did music for a small number of films, especially since other composers were trying out different styles and working on pan-Indian projects.

On the other hand, “Kanguva” by DSP seems to make up for this lack. He wrote the music for the video clips for the movie, which created a lot of buzz and excitement about the movie. The score for the movie shows how versatile DSP is in many different settings and genres. People who used to criticize Devi Sri Prasad now praise him, which shows that he can always get back into the league.

Kanguva Glimpse’s success also shows that he always does better than expected when given hard tasks. His music is only okay when it’s about things that are also okay. When he is given content with a large scope and scale, he always comes up with something spectacular.

“Oo Kodatava Maa Oo Kodatava,” which became a hit in all languages, wowed the audience in “Pushpa: The Rise,” and DSP sang it. After that, he never worked on another movie that was a big hit. Even though “Devi,” a fantasy movie, was where Devi Sri Prasad’s career began, he had never done anything of this size before. Kanguva, on the other hand, will deal with this problem.

“Kanguva,” a big-budget historical drama with Suriya in the lead role, is directed by Siva. The movie will be shown in ten different languages and in three different ways. In the teaser, Devi Sri Prasad’s unique and creepy background music has made people more interested in the movie.