Nithiin with a ‘EXTRA-Ordinary’ Appearance

Nithiin with a EXTRA Ordinary Appearance

Nithiin with a EXTRA Ordinary AppearanceNithiin,  who people like, is currently hard at work on his next movie, which is called Nithiin 32 for now. Right now, they are making movies at a very fast pace. Vakkantham Vamsi is in charge of the action-packed movie, which stars Sreeleela. The movie was also made by Vakkantham Vamsi.

The show’s creators released an interesting first look today to get people excited about the show. Nithiin seems to be using at least one avatar that has never been seen before. One of the stills on the poster shows the actor with a full beard, thick hair, and a serious look on his face. In another picture, the actor is in a less formal setting and doesn’t have a beard.

This interesting poster’s background looks like script paper, and you can also see clapboard in the background. Since the movie’s title was made public, people have been getting more and more excited. The “EXTRA” segment of Nithiin 32 now has the intriguing tagline “Ordinary Man.”

Vakkantham Vamsi, who is in charge of making the movie, says that everyone will have a good time. “This script is about the characters, and I think it will be the same after Kick,” he said. “After Kick, I think it will fit into that category.” During it, a rollercoaster will take the crowd on a thrilling ride. The fact that the screenwriter and director have said these things adds to the suspense.

Both the score and the songs on EXTRA will show how good Harris Jayaraj is at making music. Aditya Movies and Entertainments is making the movie, and Sudhakar Reddy is helping to pay for it. The movie will be put out by a company called Sreshth Movies. People will get the movie as a gift on December 23, 2023, when it comes out in theaters.