Again, dubbed movies are becoming mainstream in Tollywood.


kanguva-leo-jailerThe Telugu film industry recently gave its OK to dubbing films, which is a big deal. Small movies like “Bicchagadu 2” have become huge hits for no clear reason, which shows that Telugu-dubbed movies are becoming more popular.

On Dussehra, the movie Leo, which stars Vijay and was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, will come out in theaters. Khaidi and Vikram, two of Lokesh’s previous Telugu movies, were big hits that made Telugu audiences much more interested in Vijay’s movies. Due to Trisha and Sanjay Dutt being in the cast, the Telugu rights to “Leo” are said to have sold for Rs. 22 lakhs, which is the most that has ever been paid for a Vijay film in the region.

In the movie “Jawan” by Atlee, Shah Rukh Khan will try his luck. Jawan’s Telugu rights were sold for Rs. 15 lakhs, which is a record for a Shah Rukh Khan movie. Thank you to the South African technicians who worked on this project. Suriya has a lot of Telugu fans, so his most recent movie, Siva’s “Kanguva,” is likely to be fun to watch. The film’s Telugu language rights are expected to bring in around Rs. 30 crores, which will show how well-known the star is in the movie business.

There are a lot of Rajinikanth fans in Telugu, but his next movie, Jailer, will not have a superstar contract. Even so, the movie is said to have sold for Rs. 15 crores. There were high hopes for “Chandramukhi 2” after the success of the Telugu “Kanchana” series. Because of this, the movie has already sparked a lot of talk.┬áThe cost of dubbing films has gone up because more people want Telugu movies in other languages and more people in Telugu-speaking areas watch movies that are not in Telugu.┬áProducers are actively promoting translated films without changing what they are about because they think this is a good time for them.