Fans of PK have high hopes; can Sujeeth meet them?

Fans of PK have high hopes can Sujeeth meet them

Fans of PK have high hopes can Sujeeth meet themSujeeth: Fans of Pawan Kalyan are getting angry right now. They are happy that their idol is working on more than one project at once, but they don’t like the scripts he chooses. He makes remakes of movies like “Vakeel Saab,” “Bheemla Nayak,” and “BRO” one after the other. Even though Harish Shankar made a lot of changes and improvements, “Ustaad Bhagat Singh” is mostly a copy of Vijay’s popular movie “Theri.”

They are taking out their anger on Pawan’s close friend Trivikram, who they think has a big effect on the star hero, because they can’t take it out on Pawan himself. Fans should know, whether it’s true or not, that Pawan has given up on movies and only cares about politics in the past few years. He thinks of making movies as a way to pay for his political work.

Pawan likes movies that can be finished quickly, unlike other star heroes who work on one movie for about two years and do everything. He only spends 30 to 40 days on each filming location and moves around a lot between them. He does nothing but work on the Telugu movie “OG.” People who like Sujeeth have high hopes for him because the ads are creative.

People have high hopes for the movie because it is billed as a crime drama. But since Sujeeth has only made a few movies, they should lower their expectations. “Run Raja Run,” a small movie he made, was a hit, but “Saaho,” a big movie he made, was a flop. Even though he likes PK, he has a lot of work to do to meet people’s expectations, which can be hard for a first-time director.