The Contestants of Bigg Boss 7 Is Been Revealed!

bigg boss 7 telugu

The upcoming seventh season of the popular reality TV show ” Bigg Boss 7 ” is generating a lot of buzz since it promises to give the series a refreshing new angle. Among the confirmed participants are Amardeep Chaudhary, renowned for his roles in “Janaki Kalaganaledu” and “Uyyala Jampala,” and Anil Jeela, known for his appearance on “Gangavva.” Both Anjali Pawan, a serial and film veteran, and Pratyusha, a former TV9 anchor, bring a wealth of experience and skill to the table.

Priyanka Jain, who rose to fame after her role in “Jaanaki Kalaganaledu” and her participation in “Neethno Dance” with her lover Siva, also makes an appearance. Choreographer Ata Sandeep is a household name. Model Prince Yavar, comedian Riyaz, and serial actress Pooja Murthy are just some of the unique names in the cast.

Sheetal Gautaman, a YouTuber and online series performer, joins Mahesh Achanta, a comedian, and Shobha Shetty, an actor from “Kartika Deepam.” The “Mogali Rekulu” star Sagar, the singer Damini Bhatla, and another comic from Jabardast, Bullet Bhaskar, all promise to add new dimensions to the show with their talents.

Shakeela, a famous actress from the ’90s, and young farmer Pallavi Prashanth also star in biggboss7. The addition of Teja, better known as “Tasty Teja” on YouTube, and Gautham Krishna, the main character from “Doctor Kam Akasha Veedhi,” adds a special flavor. The addition of music director Bole Shawali, Hero Abbas, and Kevvu Karthik of Jabardast should make for a more entertaining show. The talented cast also includes Farzana, who plays the protagonist, Subhasree Rayaguru, who plays one of the Amigos, and Kranti, who plays Number One.